creating size-limited tar files

andrea crotti andrea.crotti.0 at
Thu Nov 8 11:11:44 CET 2012

2012/11/7 Oscar Benjamin <oscar.j.benjamin at>:
> Correct. But if you read the rest of Alexander's post you'll find a
> suggestion that would work in this case and that can guarantee to give
> files of the desired size.
> You just need to define your own class that implements a write()
> method and then distributes any data it receives to separate files.
> You can then pass this as the fileobj argument to the
> function:
> Oscar

Yes yes I saw the answer, but now I was thinking that what I need is
simply this:
tar czpvf - /path/to/archive | split -d -b 100M - tardisk

since it should run only on Linux it's probably way easier, my script
will then only need to create the list of files to tar..

The only doubt is if this is more or less reliably then doing it in
Python, when can this fail with some bad broken pipe?
(the filesystem is not very good as I said and it's mounted with NFS)

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