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Actually data is neither a zanzibar nor a class nor a list.. its a yml
image. with pixels
I am trying to access pixels of a 3D image through this programme..

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 8:59 PM, woooee <woooee at> wrote:

> From this line, "data" appears to be a class
>     if 0 < ix < data.width and 0 < iy < data.height:
> From this line, "data" appears to be a list, although a two
> dimensional list would be accessed as data[ix][iy]
>         point = data[ix, iy]
> Also, returning a list from a function is a matter of preference.
> Some people argue that it should be returned to make it obvious.  If
> you do not know the difference between what is mutable and what is not
> mutable, then return everything until you do.
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