Dave Angel d at
Thu Nov 8 17:33:53 CET 2012

On 11/08/2012 08:47 AM, inshu chauhan wrote:
> Actually data is neither a zanzibar nor a class nor a list.. its a yml
> image. with pixels
> I am trying to access pixels of a 3D image through this programme..

You want us to keep guessing?  And without supplying any new
information?  There's no such thing as a yml image in Python, though
there might be some library that supports such a thing with some class
structure.  And you just might have downloaded it from the site, and
imported  it using  from notzanzibar import DataType.

Then you'd have instantiated it in some code like
  data = DataType(filename)

and then the type of data would be notzanzibar.DataType  and the docs
would be probably available somewhere on

The only new guess:

A 3D image would presumably have 3 subscripts, and you're only supplying

If you want help, be explicit:

1) what version of CPython are you using, and on what OS?
2) what web site did you download some extra library from ?
3) what import statement did you use ?
4) How are all those global variables initialized ?
5) What command did you use to start the script ?  Did you run it from, or from some IDE ?
5) Exactly what error message did you get, including the traceback ?
6) What have you done to try to figure out your own error?



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