inshu chauhan insideshoes at
Fri Nov 9 11:53:56 CET 2012 site, and
> imported  it using  from notzanzibar import DataType.

No i haven't downloaded it.. and this site is not opening...

> Then you'd have instantiated it in some code like
>   data = DataType(filename)
> and then the type of data would be notzanzibar.DataType  and the docs
> would be probably available somewhere on

This site is also blocked here.

> The only new guess:
> A 3D image would presumably have 3 subscripts, and you're only supplying
> two.

Yes a 3D image has 3 subscripts but m trying to access all three through
using only  2 subsscripts i.e X and Y

> If you want help, be explicit:
> 1) what version of CPython are you using, and on what OS?

I am using 2.7.3 on windows 7

2) what web site did you download some extra library from ?

The only extra libary i am using is Opencv , downloaded from

> 3) what import statement did you use ?

import cv

4) How are all those global variables initialized ?
see attached file

> 5) What command did you use to start the script ?  Did you run it from
>, or from some IDE ?

Yes I am running it through IDLE GUI

> 5) Exactly what error message did you get, including the traceback ?

 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Z:\modules\", line 155, in <module>
  File "Z:\modules\.py", line 147, in AccessPixels
    CreateMask(data, x, y)
  File "Z:\modules\", line 110, in CreateMask
    point = data[iy, ix ]
error: index is out of range

The line numbers here and the file attached may be different because I have
removed a lot of print statements which I was using to debug the error..

> 6) What have you done to try to figure out your own error?

I have trying print out variables and Indices at each step..

Zero Piraeus : Where are you ?
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