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>Am 11.09.2012 05:46 schrieb Steven D'Aprano:
>> Good for you. (Sorry, that comes across as more condescending than it is
>> intended as.) Monkey-patching often gets used for quick scripts and tiny
>> pieces of code because it works.
>> Just beware that if you extend that technique to larger bodies of code,
>> say when using a large framework, or multiple libraries, your experience
>> may not be quite so good. Especially if *they* are monkey-patching too,
>> as some very large frameworks sometimes do. (Or so I am lead to believe.)
>This sonds like a good use case for a context manager, like the one in 

Note that because get_manager() applies to a specific Context instance it
is safe in a threaded application, which is NOT true for monkey-patching
modules even with a context manager.
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