Single leading dash in member variable names?

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>> Python noob here.  Trying to understand a particular syntax:
>> class stuff:
>>     def __init__(self):
>>          self._bongo = "BongoWorld"
>> What is the significance of the leading underscore in "self._bongo"?
>> I've seen this a few times and, after looking through PEP 8, I didn't
>> see anything relevant, but I could have missed it.
>Single leading underscore is a convention indicating that the name
>should be considered private and not used externally.  It's a softer
>version of the double leading underscore that means basically the same
>thing but has syntactic significance.

Note that the convention is rooted in an actual semantic meaning for
single underscore:

``from foo import *`` ignores any module global names in foo that start
with a single leading underscore.  Obviously, this has little effect for
most Python programs because you DON'T USE ``import *``.
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