Method default argument whose type is the class not yet defined

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Nov 12 02:34:08 CET 2012

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 Oscar Benjamin <oscar.j.benjamin at> wrote:

> But then I'm assuming you meant that 245 degrees was a bearing
> relative to North. Was it supposed to be relative to my current angle?
> Truthfully I wouldn't know what to do without asking the captain a
> couple more questions.

Granted, this requires some domain-specific knowledge, but an order to 
"steer 245 degrees" means relative to north (and, technically, it's a 
heading, not a bearing, but that's another discussion).

If the captain wanted you to change you heading relative to your current 
heading, he would say something like, "turn left 10 degrees" (that may 
not be strictly the correct wording).

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