how to simulate tar filename substitution across piped subprocess.Popen() calls?

jkn jkn_gg at
Mon Nov 12 18:25:01 CET 2012

On Nov 12, 4:58 pm, Rebelo <puntabl... at> wrote:
> Dana četvrtak, 8. studenoga 2012. 19:05:12 UTC+1, korisnik jkn napisao je:
> > Hi All
> >     i am trying to build up a set of subprocess.Ponen calls to
> > replicate the effect of a horribly long shell command. I'm not clear
> > how I can do one part of this and wonder if anyone can advise. I'm on
> > Linux, fairly obviously.
> >     J^n
> You should try to do it in pure python, avoiding shell altogether.
> The first step would be to actually write what it is you want to do.

Hi Rebelo
   FWIW I intend to do exactly this - but I wanted to duplicate the
existing shell action beforehand, so that I could get rid of the shell

After I've tidied things up, that will be my next step.

    Jon N

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