Simple Question regarding running .py program

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Wed Nov 14 06:08:45 CET 2012

On 11/13/2012 09:10 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Caroline Hou wrote:
>> Thank you Dave and everybody here for your helpful comments!This
>> place is awesome! I found this group when I googled python-list.
>> Seems like this is not the usual way you guys access the list?
> There are several ways to communicate with this list.
> [...]
> * Use a news-to-web gateway such as Google Groups. That
> specific one is deprecated on this list, as there's more
> noise than signal from Google Groups.

Caroline, Chris is mistaken about this, if for no other
reason than there is no authority here empowered to decide
to deprecate anything.  What Chris should have said is 
that there are some people on this list who don't like 
Google Groups for whatever reason and encourage others
to ignore posts from Google Groups.

How successful this boycott effort is is not clear.

I use Google Groups as it suits my needs better than
any of the alternatives, and so do many others.  Both 
of the other alternatives Chris mentioned involve too 
much setup or overhead for those who read/post here 
only occasionally.  GG fills this niche adequately 
if used with care.

If you do use Google Groups to post, there are a 
couple of things you should be careful of:

* You'll sometimes see a checkbox above the GG send
window that is a CC to the python mailing list 
(<pytho... at>) which is checked by default.
Uncheck that before sending, or the list will get 
two copies of your message.  

* GG doesn't do a very good job in quoting the post 
you are replying to.  If you look at your recent 
post here:
(or on GG) you will see lots and lots of lines empty 
save for the ">" quote markers.  This makes a post 
hard to read.

A way to avoid this is to remove the blank extra blank 
lines in the GG send window by hand before posting.

Alternatively, many email programs have a "paste as 
quotation" option when writing mail.  What I do is
to open a blank new email message, copy the original
post I'm replying to from GG, paste-as-quotation into
the new mail window, then copy and paste back into the
GG send window.  Pretty easy to do once you get used
to it.  

Hope this helps and provides a little more accurate 
info about posting from GG than has been provided so

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