Simple Question regarding running .py program

rusi rustompmody at
Wed Nov 14 08:52:29 CET 2012

On Nov 14, 12:02 pm, ru... at wrote:
> ==
> [*] Actually, now that I think about it, IIRC one can sign
> up for python-list email, and go into the mailman settings
> and disable mail delivery, allowing one to post to the list
> via email yet read the list via GG, Gmane or whatever.
> However, this is not going to be obvious to many occasional
> posters, and is still a PITA compared to just posting from
> GG as our hypothetical user does for all the other groups
> he/she participates in.

Yes this would be (for me) my most preferred option if I could figure
out a way of threading into a preexisting thread.

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