Subprocess puzzle and two questions

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On Nov 14, 2012, at 9:22 AM, Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:

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>>>> I need to time the operation of a command-line utility (specifically 
>>>> nslookup) from within a python program I'm writing.
>>> Ugh.  Why are you doing this?  Shelling out to nslookup is an incredibly 
>>> slow and clumsy way of doing name translation.  What you really want to 
>>> be doing is calling getaddrinfo() directly.
>>> See for 
>>> details.
>>> -- 
>> Because, unless I'm badly mistaken (very possible), getaddrinfo doesn't let 
>> me specify the server from which the name is returned. I'm really not after 
>> the name, what I'm REALLY after is the fact that a path exists to the name 
>> server I specify (and how long it takes to respond). In the "good old days" I 
>> would just have ping'd it, but these days more and more DNS boxes (and 
>> servers of all sorts) are shutting off their ping response.
>> Thanks, Bill
> Oh, my.  You're using DNS as a replacement for ping?  Fair enough.  In 
> that case, all you really care about is that you can connect to port 53 
> on the server...
> import socket
> import time
> s = socket.socket()
> t0 = time.time()
> s.connect(('', 53))
> t1 = time.time()
> print "it took %f seconds to connect" % (t1 - t0)
> -- 

Now THAT looks better.  Simpler, cleaner, (longer, taller, stronger, faster, cheaper…  :-)


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