Subprocess puzzle and two questions

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Thu Nov 15 03:55:20 CET 2012

On 11/14/2012 09:21 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 1:10 PM, Roy Smith <roy at> wrote:
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>>  Chris Angelico <rosuav at> wrote:
>>> Indeed. But Python boasts that the batteries are included, and given
>>> the wealth of other networking facilities that are available, it is a
>>> bit of a hole that you can't run DNS queries in this way.
>> Think of the socket and struct modules as a pile of carbon rods and gobs
>> of zinc paste, from which you can assemble your own batteries, and make
>> them in exactly the shape and size you need.
> Then assembly language is a pile of protons, neutrons, and electrons...

And real machine language (microcode) is a pile of quarks;  fermions
versus bosons.  But in recent years, you pretty much have to work at
Intel to see that part of the processor.



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