debugging in eclipse

Roy Smith roy at
Thu Nov 15 14:54:08 CET 2012

In article <mailman.3714.1352986928.27098.python-list at>,
 Dave Angel <d at> wrote:

> I'd also add a print statement, just to assure yourself that it's running.

My trick to make sure something is running is to add "assert 0".

To be fair, I usually start by adding a print statement, as Dave 
suggests.  If I see the output, I know it ran.  But if I don't see the 
output, there's two possibilities.  Either it didn't run, or it ran but 
something snarfed the output and hid it from my eyes.  That's common in 
test frameworks.  It's also common in background processes where stdout 
goes who-knows-where, and it's anybody's guess how the logging config 
might be borked.

On the other hand, an "assert 0" is pretty much guaranteed to produce 
some visible evidence that it ran.  About the only thing that would stop 
it is if somebody had wrapped the code in a try block which caught 
AssertionError (or Exception).

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