Simple Question regarding running .py program

Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Fri Nov 16 03:55:56 CET 2012

On 2012-11-15, Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at> wrote:
> On 15/11/2012 21:29, rurpy at wrote:
> All I'll say is that when I read something on gmane via Thunderbird on 
> Windows Vista on any of the 25 Python mailing lists that I subscribe to, 
> I don't want to read the double spaced crap that comes from G$.

Doesn't Thunderbird have a scoring, blocking, or blacklisting facility
to allow you to hide/ignore those posts?  I have slrn hide all
postings with headers that contain a line that matches this
(case-insensitve) RE:

Message-ID: .*

> I hence perceive a problem.


> 1) G$ are too interested in making huge profits and so have no interest 
>    in people who have to read the garbage that originates from them.

While I generally find Google to be mostly non-evil[1] (at least when
compared to most other behmouth companies), their attitude regarding
Google Groups is notably awful.

> 2) People who are too bone idle to get hold of any other mechanism that 
>    doesn't put the double spaced garbage in.

Or it could be they're too ignorant to know there's a problem.  Trying
to explain the problem and the available options is, IME, pointless.

Even if you can drag them along to the point where they understand
there's a problem and they can do something about it, as long as
people read and respond to their posts, they've got no motivation to
do so.

> Any and all answers to this dilemma are welcome.

I just gave up and now ignore posts from Google Groups.  I've decided
there's no point it trying to change either Google Groups itself or
the people who use it.  I occasionally see most/all of posts from GG
when they get quoted in followups, and never have I had occasion to
wish I hadn't missed a GG posting.

[1] OK, so I'm am annoyed with them after my Google phone updated to
    Android 4.2 this afternoon and the lock-screen clock is now
    _physically_painful_ to look at.  However, I'm convinced that's
    not evil -- just a complete and utter lack of visual design


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