'Experimental Design' aka DoE

Monte Milanuk memilanuk at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 00:25:33 CET 2012


I'm interested in refining some tests I do for a hobby of mine beyond the
traditional 'one factor at a time' (OFAT) method.  I have been looking at
'design of experiment' (DoE) methods and they look promising.  The problem
is that most of the software packages that aid in the setup and analysis of
this sort of thing are rather expensive (the cheapest is an Excel plugin
that runs ~$250, and they go up from there rapidly).

I've found some limited DoE support in R and SciLab, but I'd like to stick
with Python if possible.  So far though, I haven't been able to find hardly
any mention of the topic, even searching through lists for numpy, scipy,
pydata, statsmodel, etc.

Given the hype that I've always seen about Python being used in science &
engineering fields, it seems like there should be *something* already out

If anyone has any handy links or references I'd greatly appreciate it.


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