Paid Python work for 30mins - 1 hour

Paul Rubin at nospam.invalid
Mon Nov 19 19:33:10 CET 2012

blockeduser at writes:
> I have three scripts that I would like written, they are designed to
> do the following:
> – Zip a folder and store it on amazon S3 ...
> If you are interested get in touch!

You could just type "python s3 upload" into web search and see if you
can use the stuff that turns up.

More realistically I'm not sure it makes sense to set up a 30 minute / 1
hour development gig, especially without a completely precise
specification up front.  There will have to be some back-and-forth about
the user interface, the script will have to be tested, the developer
will need access to an S3 account if s/he doesn't have it already, etc.
So it's likely to end up taking longer than 1 hour even though the task
is pretty simple.  But, maybe someone will take you up on it, and if it
turns out to be more trouble than it was worth, at least they learned

If you already have 50% of the code written, what's preventing you from
doing the other 50% yourself?  If you're hitting snags, maybe you could
post what you have so far, and ask for advice.

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