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> Trying to robustly parse a string that will have key/value pairs separated
> by three pipes, where each additional key/value (if more than one exists)
> will be delineated by four more pipes.
>     string = 'key_1|||value_1||||key_2|||value_2'
>     regex = '((?:(?!\|\|\|).)+)(?:\|\|\|)((?:(?!\|\|\|).)+)(?:\|\|\|\|)?'
> I am not convinced this is the most effective or safest, any opinions would
> be greatly appreciated!

Regexes may be overkill here.  A simple string split might be better:

    string = 'key_1|||value_1||||key_2|||value_2'
    pairs = string.split('||||')
    for pair in pairs:
        keyval = pair.split('|||')
        print '%s=%s' % (keyval[0], keyval[1])

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