when used within an if/else fails

Kevin T kevinintx at
Tue Nov 20 00:43:10 CET 2012

python version 2.4.3, yes i know that it is old.  getting the sysadmin to update the OS requires a first born.

with the following code..
                for signal in register['signals'] :

351                   sigName = signal['functionName']
352                   if "rsrvd", sigName ) == None :
353                      print sigName
354                      newVal = "%s%s" % ( '1'*signal['bits'] , newVal ) #prepend 0's
355                   if "rsrvd", sigName ) != None :
356                      print sigName
357                      newVal = "%s%s" % ( '0'*signal['bits'], newVal )

regardless of how i code line 352, i can not EVER use an else clause with it.  if i use an else clause, the else will NEVER get executed...

has any one experienced anything like this behavior?  any suggestions?  the above code works but... why should i have to code it like this?


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