The type.__call__() method manages the calls to __new__ and __init__?

Marco name.surname at
Tue Nov 20 18:29:05 CET 2012

Looking at the documentation of Py3.3:

I saw the method `__new__()` is called automatically when I create an 
istance. After the call to __new__(), if it returns an instance `self` 
then `self.__init__()` is called.

Because when I call an instance the __call__ method is called, and 
because the classes are instances of type, I thought when I call a Foo 
class this imply the call type.__call__(Foo), and so this one manages 
the Foo.__new__ and Foo.__init__ calls:

 >>> class Foo:
...     def __new__(cls):
...         print('Foo.__new__()')
...         return super().__new__(cls)
...     def __init__(self):
...         print('Foo.__init__(self)')
 >>> f = type.__call__(Foo)

Is that right? Thanks in advance


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