Creating a torrent file & associated tracker through a django web app

ashish ashish.makani at
Wed Nov 21 08:43:29 CET 2012

Hi c.l.p folks

Following is a description of what i am trying to achieve :

The user should log into a django web app, select a file & the web app should generate a .torrent file & a private tracker(http://IP_ADDRESS:PORT_NUMBER/announce) for that .torrent file.

Basically, i want to programmatically create a .torrent file, on the server side.

I found two libraries mktorrent[1] & py3createtorrent [2], but i need help with how to create a torrent from a django web app.

Any suggestions for django modules or libraries which can do this ?

Any suggestions/pointers/ideas/links will be greatly appreciated

Thanks a ton,




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