windows question: default click action points to wrong python version

Gelonida N gelonida at
Wed Nov 21 09:23:00 CET 2012


I installed python 2.6 and python 2.7 on a windows 7 machine.

At the moment Python 2.7 is the interpreter being used if I 'start' a 
python script without explicit interpreter.

I always thought, that 'repairing' Python 2.6 (reinstalling it) would 
set the default settings back to Python 2.6.

I also see with assoc / ftypes, that python 2.6. has now been configured 
as default.

However when I click on a script it is still started with 2.7.
(even after a full restart of the machine)

This is really surprising to me.
I thought ftype is the command to change file associations.

What am I missing?

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