Web Frameworks Excessive Complexity

Andriy Kornatskyy andriy.kornatskyy at live.com
Wed Nov 21 13:47:03 CET 2012

Hm... what serves an evidence purpose for you?

See functions at line 2619 and 2974 as an example for CC 20+:


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> On 21/11/2012 12:17, Andriy Kornatskyy wrote:
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> > Agreed. I think we have pretty much the same point of view on this.
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> > All these metrics advise you... this is again depends how you look at this. If you are a new comer to a project, you usually spend some time on code review, talk to people, read docs if any. The qa tools for static code analysis give you an initial picture, how it fits with your own vision, etc. Convince or accept?
> No, we don't have the same point of view on this. I think that using metrics
> that have no evidence for their utility is a misleading distraction.
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