Migrate from Access 2010 / VBA

Jason Friedman jason at powerpull.net
Fri Nov 23 05:35:21 CET 2012

> I am the lone developer of db apps at a company of 350+ employees. Everything is done in MS Access 2010 and VBA. I'm frustrated with the limitations of this platform and have been considering switching to Python. I've been experimenting with the language for a year or so, and feel comfortable with the basics.
> I am concerned that I'll have a hard time replacing the access form and report designers. I've worked a little with TKinter, but it's a far cry from the GUI designer in Access. Finding a professional grade report designer looks like an even bigger challenge.
> I don't need to port any applications, but I will need to use the data (mdb/accede format), design a variety of reports with multi-level groupings, and deliver them to many individual recipients via email.

Do the employees need to be able to create their own reports, or do
you interview them and create reports based on their requirements?

Is there a need to provide slice-and-dice, or is each permutation/view
of the data its own report?

Are the recipients internal?

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