Migrate from Access 2010 / VBA

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Fri Nov 23 10:08:19 CET 2012

kgard wrote:

> Greetings:
> I am the lone developer of db apps at a company of 350+ employees.
> Everything is done in MS Access 2010 and VBA. I'm frustrated with the
> limitations of this platform and have been considering switching to
> Python. I've been experimenting with the language for a year or so, and
> feel comfortable with the basics.
> I am concerned that I'll have a hard time replacing the access form and
> report designers. I've worked a little with TKinter, but it's a far cry
> from the GUI designer in Access. Finding a professional grade report
> designer looks like an even bigger challenge.
> I don't need to port any applications, but I will need to use the data
> (mdb/accede format), design a variety of reports with multi-level
> groupings, and deliver them to many individual recipients via email.
> Has anyone here made this transition successfully? If so, could you pass
> along your suggestions about how to do this as quickly and painlessly as
> possible?

These guys are coming from Foxpro, but I'd expect a huge overlap of the 
problem spaces:


(Disclaimer: I have not tried Dabo myself)

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