ANN : occmodel v0.1.0

Runar Tenfjord runar.tenfjord at
Fri Nov 23 16:00:39 CET 2012

I am pleased to announce the first official
release of occmodel (v0.1.0) and the releated
libraries geotools/gltools.


occmodel is a small library which gives a high level access
to the OpenCASCADE modelling kernel.

For most users a direct use of the OpenCASCADE modelling
kernel can be quite a hurdle as it is a huge library.

The geometry can be visualized with the included viewer.
This viewer is utilizing modern OpenGL methods like GLSL
shaders and vertex buffers to ensure visual quality and
maximum speed. To use the viewer OpenGL version 2.1 is

Home page :
Documentation :

In addition the following related libraries are released:

geotools (required) :
Documentation :

gltools (optional) :
Documentation :

As this is the first official release some hurdles are expected
Binary installers are available for the Windows platform.

Best regards
Runar Tenfjord

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