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On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 2:42 PM, Michael Herrmann
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> Dear all,
> the emails are getting kind of long so to ask you briefly: What do you think of splitting `type` into two functions `press` and `enter`? Their use cases are:
>         press(CTRL + 'a')
>         press(ENTER)
>         press(ALT + 'f', 's')
>         enter("Hello World!")
>         enter("test.txt", into="File name")
> Thanks,
> Michael

First of, please don’t top-post.  Second of, the type—enter split a
bad idea.  It would require me to think whether I should use one or
the other.  type() is perfectly fine, because Automa is never going to
be used as from automa import *.  And if it is, it’s in your shell for

And also, my general thoughts: type() is just fine.  Unless you want
to call it simulate_pressing_keys_on_the_keyboard_without_getting_a_mechanical_arm_out_of_the_screen_and_pressing_the_keys_with_it(),
but then you will need to create

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