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kagard kagard at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 13:42:29 CET 2012

On Nov 25, 3:48 pm, Wolfgang Keller <felip... at gmx.net> wrote:
> > I am the lone developer of db apps at a company of 350+ employees.
> > Everything is done in MS Access 2010 and VBA. I'm frustrated with the
> > limitations of this platform and have been considering switching to
> > Python.
> > I've been experimenting with the language for a year or so,
> > and feel comfortable with the basics.
> > I am concerned that I'll have a hard time replacing the access form
> > and report designers. I've worked a little with TKinter, but it's a
> > far cry from the GUI designer in Access.
> The list of Python frameworks for rapid development of desktop
> (i.e. non-Web) database applications currently contains:
> using PyQt (& Sqlalchemy):
> Pypapi:www.pypapi.org
> Camelot:www.python-camelot.com
> Qtalchemy:www.qtalchemy.org
> using PyGTK:
> Sqlkit: sqlkit.argolinux.org (also uses Sqlalchemy)
> Kiwi:www.async.com.br/projects/kiwi
> using wxPython:
> Dabo:www.dabodev.com
> Defis: sourceforge.net/projects/defis (Russian only)
> GNUe:www.gnuenterprise.org
> Pypapi, Camelot, Sqlkit and Dabo seem to be the most active and best
> documented/supported ones.
> > Finding a professional grade report designer looks like an even
> > bigger challenge.
> LibreOffice is imho quite useful for database reporting. It comes with a
> native (SDBC) driver for PostgreSQL and allows Python scripting.
> LibreOffice Base can even be useful for CRUD GUIs.
> > I don't need to port any applications, but I will need to use the
> > data (mdb/accede format),
> Don't. Put your data into an *actually* transaction-safe RDBMS (which
> "Jet" is *not*), such as e.g. PostgreSQL.
> > design a variety of reports with multi-level groupings, and deliver
> > them to many individual recipients via email.
> Sincerely,
> Wolfgang

Thanks to everyone who replied.

The reporting question is the one that gives me the greatest concern
when I think about switching to Python. I haven't seen a simple,
powerful report writer like Access has, or Crystal Reports, in Python.
Is generating XML / HTML a workable alternative? (In most cases, end
users don't need to design reports.)

Thanks again,


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