Managing multiple packages

Evan Driscoll driscoll at
Tue Nov 27 02:58:22 CET 2012

On 11/22/2012 06:22 PM, Thomas Bach wrote:
> I am using virtual environments and do a
> python develop
> on each package. This just creates a symbolic link to the package and
> all edits show up immediately.

That's awesome; I didn't know about the 'develop' command. Thanks!

Is that just a setuptools thing, or can you do it with distutils too? I 
didn't see anything too promising so I'm not so hopeful, but I figured 
I'd ask anyway. I'm also pretty confused about the 
distutils/setuptools/distribute/distutils2 landscape and what the 
differences are (at least between the first 3) and what their 
relationships with standard Python are.

(I'd prefer to use distutils because (1) it ships with Python as opposed 
to being something extra to install (2) setuptools annoys me being the 
only think I can remember that, when you tell it to install to a prefix 
that doesn't exist, says "you want me to MAKE DIRECTORIES?! what are 
you, some kind of slave driver?!". Admittedly that second reason is not 
so rational and very occasionally putting up with that in exchange for 
development mode is plenty worth it, but being able to shun setuptools 
would make me feel good. :-))


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