Modules or Package for my application

Stone phracek2 at
Tue Nov 27 09:04:03 CET 2012

Dear developers,

I am creating application (originally written in perl) 
which will take care about replication from one system to the another system over command rsync. It will simulate High-availability solution.

The application will contains main module called like
and another modules will have names,,,,,,

My questions are:
1) When I would like to make a global logging to the one file is it enough to do that like
logger = logging.getLogger('sso')
hdrl = logging.FileHandler(TRACE)
formatter = logging.Formatter('%{asctime}s %{levelname}s %{message}s')
and make for them one module or how to solve that?
How to call that logger from all modules / packages?
Is it necessary to create alone module?

2) Is it package necessary or simply modules are enough
- will take care about alone replication
- will take care about some processes
- will take care about definition of global constants
- will take care about LAN definition
- will take care about showing screen (GUI or text_based)
3) How / where to define global variables?

best regards

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