Imaging libraries in active development?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Wed Nov 28 19:14:30 CET 2012

On 11/28/2012 05:30 AM, Alasdair McAndrew wrote:
> I'm investigating Python for image processing (having used Matlab,
> then Octave for some years).  And I'm spoiled for choice: PIL and its
> fork pillow, scipy.ndimage, scikits-image, mahotas, the Python
> interface to openCV...
> However, PIL doesn't seem to be in active development.  What I want
> to know is - what are the current "standard" libraries for image
> processing in Python which are in active development?
> I have quite a few image processing student notes which I'm thinking
> of converting to Python, but I'd like to use the most up-to-date
> library.

I'm curious.  What features do you need that pil doesn't have?  Other
than updating pil to fix bugs, support new image types or new versions
of Python, what kind of active development do you think it needs to
have? Maybe pil has all the features the original author wanted and is
pretty stable.  To judge a package on how fast it's changing seems a bit
odd to me.  Obviously you want to know that bugs can get fixed of
course.  Perhaps none have been reported recently.

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