Imaging library

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Thu Nov 29 10:01:36 CET 2012

C'mon guys, don't be so picky.
The point is that that he cannot find python library that can easily 
create HDR image or process RAW images (or some other image format).
Also, AFAIK there is no built in support for standard imaging filters, 
color space conversion, etc (as Alasdair also mentioned). One can do 
this with scipy, and this is how I do it. But I'm also interested if 
there is some library that implements any of those. IMHO it would be 
useful if one could code the same effects easily as clicking on the 
effect button in GIMP or Blender.
This is interesting question, and if any of you have any ideas on how 
this can be achieved, please share your knowledge with us.

We do not need to tutor people about whether a RAW format is a specific 
image format or not ( - we 
understand the point of his question albeit it is not clearly stated.
Assume good will - nobody is stating that PIL or scipy are bad, we 
simply ask whether there is something more out there.

It would be more useful if we would provide information on how to do it, 
or connect him with someone who can do it. Or point where he can request 
such feature or publish his solution. The policy not to implement every 
format under the sky is a legal one, but by implementing it one-by-one - 
together we might even get there.

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