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Nicolas Évrard nicoe at altern.org
Thu Nov 29 11:46:50 CET 2012

* Wolfgang Keller  [2012-11-25 20:48 +0100]: 
>> I am the lone developer of db apps at a company of 350+ employees.
>> Everything is done in MS Access 2010 and VBA. I'm frustrated with the
>> limitations of this platform and have been considering switching to
>> Python.
>> I've been experimenting with the language for a year or so,
>> and feel comfortable with the basics.
>> I am concerned that I'll have a hard time replacing the access form
>> and report designers. I've worked a little with TKinter, but it's a
>> far cry from the GUI designer in Access.
>The list of Python frameworks for rapid development of desktop
>(i.e. non-Web) database applications currently contains:
>using PyQt (& Sqlalchemy):
>Pypapi: www.pypapi.org
>Camelot: www.python-camelot.com
>Qtalchemy: www.qtalchemy.org
>using PyGTK:
>Sqlkit: sqlkit.argolinux.org (also uses Sqlalchemy)
>Kiwi: www.async.com.br/projects/kiwi
>using wxPython:
>Dabo: www.dabodev.com
>Defis: sourceforge.net/projects/defis (Russian only)
>GNUe: www.gnuenterprise.org
>Pypapi, Camelot, Sqlkit and Dabo seem to be the most active and best
>documented/supported ones.

I'd like to add to the list 

      Tryton http://www.tryton.org/

Which framework can be used to create a business application without
even using the already existing modules (one of our customer uses only
the 'party' modules in order to manage insurance products, the GNU
Health (http://www.gnuhealth.org/) project uses more official modules
to create their HIS software).

Reporting is done through relatorio (http://relatorio.openhex.org/),
which uses ODF templates to generate ODF reports (or other format
thanks to unoconv) the client is written in GTk (we're writing one in
JavaScript right now (and I miss python badly)).

(°> Nicolas Évrard
( ) Liège
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