[ANN] New article published: TMSTAF – The Extended Use of STAF on Test Automation

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Thu Nov 29 15:26:59 CET 2012



As software packages becomes increasingly large and complex, the time required for testing them, throughout the development lifecycle, has also increased. Because testing activities consume the majority of software Quality Assurance (QA) resources, a test platform was needed to speed up test cycles without any decrease in test result accuracy. The use of Python 2.6 scripting language to create a faster, automated testing platform is reported here. Trend Micro Software Testing Automation Framework (TMSTAF) was developed using Python 2.6, based on Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF), to improve automated testing. We found that TMSTAF not only decreased testing time, it provided faster process integration, test feedback, and improved overall software quality. Using the TMSTAF automation environment for development and execution is simple to set up. Test cases can be created for use in both manual and automated tasks, converted to automated scripts, and implemented with structural and flexible mechanisms. Automation script pre-runs and debugging make troubleshooting more efficiently; TMSTAF test report data can be used to identify quality issues quickly. TMSTAF can be seamlessly integrated into the build release process, making it a smart option for software QA engineers.

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