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>> >>>> [ lots of screed that demonstrates that Dwight hasn't grokked the hacker
>> >>>> culture ]
>> >> Don't hack, but could very well if necessary.
>> > You couldn't hack your self out of a wet paper bag, and you're fooling
>> > noone.
>> Yeah I could.
>>  Sorry... buddy. You should go away now;
>> So you can dominate with a lame ass attempt to approach my responses
>> with a manipulative tactic to discredit me, including such hits as
>> racism, and sexism?
>> You asked who is laughing at
>> > you the other day, and at that point you had the ability to salvage (or at
>> > least attempt to salvage) your reputation with a few people.
>> Nobody, they're laughing at your failed attempt to discredit me in a
>> on thread response in which I was a respondent.
>> Please don't disguise your foolishnish with lies.
>>  You've pretty
>> > much blown that away at this point, so a belated answer to your question is
>> > everyone.
>> You mean I went to sleep, woke up and responded? Nice attempt, but you
>> can set a random seed of mine up your ass.
>> >>> Dwight, have a read of these documents. They may help you to
>> >>> understand how the python-list community operates, and perhaps more
>> >>> so, why most of the regulars here think the way they do.
>> >> They have double digit I.Q.'s ?
>> >> Actually,
>> >>> this may be of interest to quite a few people, so I'll post it
>> >>> on-list.
>> >> Go right ahead....buddy.
>> >>>
>> >>> ChrisA
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>> >>>
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>> > Take care,
>> > Ty
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>> > The aspen project: a barebones light-weight mud engine:
>> >
>> > He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; he that
>> > dares not reason is a slave.
> Some facts that are well-known enough but somehow seem relevant to
> this discussion.
> Technology is called a great enabler -- A little less gushingly its a
> great multiplier.
> When we look a little impartially at it we see that as technology
> increases in scope/power the corresponding human involvement gets more
> and more passive.

But technology should be engaged by many different view points, in
order to insure that the output of technology is within the, not only
the grasp of outsiders, but the scope of those who wish to debate it's
usage in many different areas in order to have stability of the
society(societies) that produce the output.

> Coming to the specific technology-stack -- mailing-lists atop the
> internet -- we see the following:
> When I hit the send button Ive no idea who will read what I send.
> Likewise what I end up reading may not be something I specifically
> wish to read.

That's common on mailing lists, and the discussions they maintain, as
well as the usage membership.

> Specifically, Ive no idea what is the size of the python-list
> readership -- surely in hundreds, more likely thousands.

Then it's part of, but the only side of, your public persona.

> So when I feel like making a response to one or two people which has
> more heat than (python-related) light, it would help to consider the
> thousand(s) who will read it who are not involved/interested in the
> fracas.

Don't be a little bitch, and respond. Instead you're whining about it.

> A more physical analogy: Lets say I am driving along happily on the
> freeway and someone does something to me that generates severe
> justifiable road-rage. So I stop the car, get down and do my schtick
> -- shout, shoot, mow-him-down, whatever -- and in the process create a
> jam of a hundred vehicles all around.  However justifiable my rage, I
> would be lucky to get anyone's support!

It's called information overload, and temporary insanity...go ask a lawyer list.

> A more personal point. I find that anger is usually a thin cover for
> depression.

A medical condition which can be cause by many different factors, and all legal.

And depression inversely correlates with amount of
> sunshine I see.

This is more seasonal depression, and human biological adjustment to
circadian rhythm in nature that appears in several areas.

 So before hitting the send button, it may be a good
> idea to sleep over and see if the rising sun changes my mood.

It always does, it's biological in nature for this to happen.

> Coming to threads like this one:
> We've seen an old member of this list scolded for stretching the
> drinking jokes a bit too far.

Probably me, and you have no idea what I'm not saying when if not
drinking I have severe nerve damage...that would probably blow your
own little itty bitty mind, so deal with average intelligence on your

> And another old member who posted a youtube link which had nothing to
> do with python even though the subject said 'OT'
> So… Staying withing python-related discussions and using courteous
> language is the general rule for all. If you follow that you should be
> ok

Open mindedness is what the internet is about, if you can't be free
with emotions and internal vectors of molecular thought freedom, then
you might want ot move out of the way of the New World Order.

Best Regards,
David Hutto

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