How to keep cookies when making http requests (Python 2.7)

Luca Cerone luca.cerone at
Tue Aug 27 11:16:50 CEST 2013

Dear all, 
first of all thanks for the help.
As for your remark, you are right, and I usually tend to post questions in a way that is detached from the particular problem I have to solve.
In this case since I only have a limited knowledge of the cookies mechanism (in general, not only in Python), I preferred to ask for the specific case.
I am sorry if I gave you the impression I didn't appreciate your answer,
it was absolutely not my intention.

> Let me make an additional remark however: you should
> not expect to get complete details in a list like this - but only
> hints towards a solution for your problem (i.e.
> there remains some work for you).
> Thus, I expect you to read the "cookielib/cookiejar" documentation
> (part of Python's standard documentation) in order to understand
> my example code - before I would be ready to provide further details.

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