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Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Dec 5 05:37:57 CET 2013

On 12/4/2013 11:21 AM, Mark Lawrence wrote:
> On 24/10/2013 22:47, Mark Lawrence wrote:
>> The new module is now five years old.  PEP 429 Python 3.4 release
>> schedule has it listed under "Other proposed large-scale changes" but I
>> don't believe this is actually happening.  Lots of issues on the bug
>> tracker have been closed as fixed in the new module, see issue 2636 for
>> more data.  Some work is still being carried out on the old re module.

>> So where do we stand?  Is the new module getting into Python 3.x, Python
>> 4.y or what?

Good question. I hope so.

>> If no do all the old issues have to be reopened and
>> applied to the re module?

I would prefer not.

>> Who has to make the final decision on all of this?

Ultimately Guido, with a lot of input

>> Note that I've no direct interest as I rarely if ever use the little
>> perishers, I just find this situation bizarre.

It is definitely unfortunate and even embarrassing. At one time, the 
hangup was a minor feature incompatibility between re and regex. Guido 
was reluctant to make a switch that would occasionally break code. I 
believe that this is fixed -- by deciding to call it regex rather then re.

My impression from Stage: patch review
and pydev discussion is that regex did not land in 3.4 because no one 
did the rest of the needed review. I do not really know what needs to be 
done next. Being coded in C does not help speed review.

> And FTR I'll break Armed Forces Rule No. 1 and volunteer my own
> pitifully poor servies if I can help take this forward, as I think it's
> daft having issues marked as fixed on the bug tracker but the fix not
> being available in the standard library, only on pypi.

Are you volunteering to list issues to be reopened, or to help with code 

Terry Jan Reedy

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