Python project

Jason Friedman jsf80238 at
Sun Dec 1 04:04:32 CET 2013

> To be perfectly honest, this is much too large a project for you.  First
> read some python tutorials and learn how to code in python.  If you work it
> every day, maybe you can kind of understand what its about in a very
> superficial sense in a month.  However, if you are having fun learning, then
> add a new small piece to learn.

Joel may be too pessimistic.

The OP (Richard) says he wants to create an "online city guide start
with my own city".  I could see that as being anything from a few
simple HTML pages all the way to a database-backed Django site.  Is
there an example of a guide to someone else's city that you are trying
to emulate?  If yes, reply with the link/s.  If no, and because you
know HTML, can you create a mock-up of what you would like your end
result to look like, and then share those links with us?

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