Managing Google Groups headaches

rusi rustompmody at
Sat Dec 7 17:27:38 CET 2013

On Saturday, December 7, 2013 3:46:02 PM UTC+5:30, wxjm... at wrote:
> Rusi:

> "unicode as a medium is universal in the same way that
> ASCII used to be"

> Probably, you do not realize deeply how this sentence
> is correct. Unicode and ascii are constructed in the
> same way. It has not even to do with "characters", but
> with mathematics.

On the contrary, I'd say we have some rather interesting
'characters' out here.

> It is on this level the FSR fails. It is mathematically
> wrong by design!

Now thats an even more interesting statement. Only not sure what it means
Here are some attempts

It is wrong therefore unmathematical
It is designed so its wrong
It is mathematical so its undesigned

Any Ive missed??

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