Python Unicode handling wins again -- mostly

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Sun Dec 1 21:54:48 CET 2013

On 2 December 2013 07:15, <wxjmfauth at> wrote:

> 0.11.13 02:44, Steven D'Aprano написав(ла):
> > (2) If you reverse that string, does it give "lëon"? The implication of
> > this question is that strings should operate on grapheme clusters rather
> > than code points. ...
> >
> BTW, a grapheme cluster *is* a code points cluster.

Anyone with a decent level of reading comprehension would have understood
that Steven knows that. The implied word is "individual" i.e. "... rather
than [individual] code points".

Why am I responding to a troll? Probably because out of all his baseless
complaints about the FSR, he *did* have one valid point about performance
that has now been fixed.

Tim Delaney
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