Code of Conduct, Trolls, and Thankless Jobs

Ben Finney ben+python at
Tue Dec 3 00:11:41 CET 2013

Mark Lawrence <breamoreboy at> writes:

> […] the hypocrisy that continues to be shown gets right up both of my
> nostrils, hence I couldn't resist the above, greatly toned down
> response. This will surely give an indication of how strongly I feel
> on issues such as this. Rules are rules to be applied evenly, not on a
> pick and choose basis.

This forum doesn't have authorised moderators, and we don't have a body
of state employees charged with meting out justice evenly to all
parties. If you perceive uneven application of our code of conduct, that
will go a long way to explaining it.

What we do have is a community of volunteers whom we expect to both
uphold the code of conduct and self-apply it to the extent feasible.

This works only if we acknowledge both that we are human and will be
inconsistent and make errors, and conversely that what we *intend* to do
matters less than the actual and potential effects of our actions.

Anyone who feels compelled to be vitriolic here needs to find a way to
stop it, regardless how they perceive the treatment of others. We all
need each other's efforts to keep this community healthy.

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