Print a text at a specific location on the page

loic.espern at loic.espern at
Wed Dec 4 11:18:22 CET 2013

Hi all

This is my first post on this list :-)

I have a web-application (developped using a python framework). In this web-app, I would like to print certificates for some courses.

The principle :
The course teacher has a "default" certificates, with placeholders for the name, and the certification name. ("Congratulations _______ you successfully passed the ______ course")
He puts the certificate in his printer, and my app prints the name, and the certification on a specific location, to fill the placeholders.

I looked at ReportLab, and Pod. They seems powerfull to build complex reports, but I wonder if it exists a simpler solution just to print a text at a specific place on the page...

Thank you

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