[newbie] problem trying out simple non object oriented use of Tkinter

Jean-Michel Pichavant jeanmichel at sequans.com
Fri Dec 6 13:33:05 CET 2013

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> I'm trying out Tkinter with the (non object oriented) code fragment
> below:
> It works partially as I expected, but I thought that pressing "1"
> would
> cause the program to quit, however I get this message:
> TypeError: quit() takes no arguments (1 given), I tried changing quit
> to quit()
> but that makes things even worse. So my question: can anyone here
> help me
> debug this?
> #!/usr/bin/env python
> import Tkinter as tk
> def quit():
>     sys.exit()
> root = tk.Tk()
> label = tk.Label(root, text="Hello, world")
> label.pack()
> label.bind("<1>", quit)
> root.mainloop()
> p.s. I like the code not object orientated
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the engine is probably passing an argument to your quit callback method.


def quit(param):

You probably don't even care about the parameter:

def quit(param):



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