interactive help on the base object

Mark Janssen dreamingforward at
Sun Dec 8 05:21:06 CET 2013

>>> Is it just me, or is this basically useless?
>>> class object
>>>  |  The most *base* type
[[Terry Reedy:]]
> How about something like.
> The default top *superclass* for all Python classes.

How 'bout you foo<l>s just admit that you didn't realize you've been
confused this whole time?  (It *is* possible isn't it?)

Mr. Ewing says "base" has to be interpreted as an *adjective* because
otherwise it would mean the BOTTOM (like the BASE of the pyramid),
while Terry responds that it is the TOP (*super*class).  Earlier,
Steven D'Aprano wanted to argue that this distinction was irrelevant,
but obviously it can't very well be both at once now cannit?


Sadly, yes.

Tacoma, Washington

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