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Ned Batchelder ned at
Sun Dec 8 13:11:35 CET 2013

On 12/7/13 11:21 PM, Mark Janssen wrote:
>>>> Is it just me, or is this basically useless?
>>>> class object
>>>>   |  The most *base* type
> [[Terry Reedy:]]
>> How about something like.
>> The default top *superclass* for all Python classes.
> How 'bout you foo<l>s just admit that you didn't realize you've been
> confused this whole time?  (It *is* possible isn't it?)

Mark, if you want to participate in this forum, please refrain from 
opening with an insult.  I've tried talking with you here in the past, 
and got nothing but sarcastic sneers and put-downs for my trouble.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and believed that previous 
contentious points (no tokens on punched cards, initializing arrays to 
NaN, etc) were due to misunderstandings that could be worked out.  You 
treated me with contempt and refused to discuss the details that would 
have let us understand each other.

I know you have a theory that all of computer science has been confused 
for half a century.  You expounded on this before, but haven't managed 
to explain your point clearly, and have not convinced anyone that you 
have a better model than the ones we're already using.

Perhaps we are confused, and you have a better idea.  I don't know yet, 
though frankly I doubt it.  I'd be glad to learn about your ideas, but 
you have to present them seriously, and with some humility, to get them 
to spread.  So far, repeated attempts to get details from you have failed.

> Mr. Ewing says "base" has to be interpreted as an *adjective* because
> otherwise it would mean the BOTTOM (like the BASE of the pyramid),
> while Terry responds that it is the TOP (*super*class).  Earlier,
> Steven D'Aprano wanted to argue that this distinction was irrelevant,
> but obviously it can't very well be both at once now cannit?
> Could-the-world-be-so-crazy-confused-and-then-shoot-the-messenger?
> Sadly, yes.

I'm sorry you feel martyred.  It's not because you bring truth to 
crazy-confused people.  It's because you can't explain yourself, and you 
push people away with your style.

We try hard to treat each other with respect, and I'll ask you to do the 

> MarkJ
> Tacoma, Washington

Ned Batchelder,

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