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Tue Dec 10 06:15:04 CET 2013

On 12/08/2013 10:20 PM, rusi wrote:
> On Monday, December 9, 2013 10:37:38 AM UTC+5:30, ru... at wrote:
>> However it does not change the fact that people here have responded 
>> in rather extreme way to GG posts including calling GG users "twits"
>> and claiming GG posts damage their eyesight, as well as repeatedly
>> denying the obvious fact that GG is much easier to use for many than 
>> to subscribe to a usenet provider or to a mailing list.  One frequently
>> sees words like "crap", "slimy", "rubbish" etc to describe GG posts 
>> which is pretty intimating to people who just want some help with a
>> python question using a tool they already know how to use and have 
>> had no complaints about in other places.
> About the last -- no complaints about (that) in other places -- Ive recently
> seen that on the html/stylesheets/javascript lists (not sure which)
> there are also annoyed complaints about GG.

I am sure that there are other usenet groups that get Google 
Groups posts and find them irritating for the same reason 
that some here do.  But usenet is nearly all the way in death's 
door (at least text groups; binaries groups may be still be 
growing.)  The only usenet groups I know of with any vitality 
left at all are ones like the Python list that are backed by an 
active maillist.  (Curiously, it seems to me the dramatic decline
in usenet occurred around 2008-2010, about the same time as
the dramatic rise of social networking sites.)

As for pure mailing lists, I am not sure how many are gatewayed 
to GG -- I subscribe to several because they are not available
through GG -- so they don't get GG posts.  

There are however a large number of mailing lists that are 
hosted solely on GG by various projects.  It is participants 
in these lists that I was thinking of by "other places".  
Such people are likely very surprised by the hostility they 
meet when they simply change to the python list (or one of 
the other usenet-gatewayed groups) which looks very much 
like any another GG group from their perspective.

For all the GG hostility on the python list, many python 
project lists are hosted on GG (Sqlalchemy, Webpy, GvR's 
own Tulip project, etc) 

> About the rest -- when people get annoyed they say and do things they
> would not otherwise do. 

Humans have big cortexes so that they don't need to act out
based on their feelings of the moment -- like a dog humping
the boy next door or trying to bite off the arm of the 
postal delivery person.

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