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YBM ybmess at
Mon Dec 9 02:51:38 CET 2013

Le 09.12.2013 01:00, Gregory Ewing a écrit :
> rafaellasav at wrote:
>> def people(age):
>>     people=lambda age: [name for name in dic if dic[name]==age]
>> but i don't get the lambda age part.
> Just to explain: YBM has tried to sabotage you by posting a
> solution that uses a couple of advanced Python features
> (lambda and list comprehensions) that a beginner would be
> unlikely to know about.

Oh! I've been caught!


My point is not that I had a problem with the OP (btw asking for
homework in a public group always irrates me), but that the teacher of
the OP is incredibly stupid and illiterate (or should I say
illluterate ?)

So I tried to catch both.

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