django - adding a button with parallel functionality

chip9munk at chip9munk at
Sun Dec 8 21:25:24 CET 2013

Hi all! I'll try to be clear and brief.

I have created a django project some months ago. It is an online survey.
Now I want to add a button that when pressed adds something to a database, but does not change any existing functionalities. 

Brief explanation:
button will always be present at the pages with survey questions,
when pressed it will simply add a page number (at which page user decided to press the button) to a database, but the user will continue with the survey as normal.
(when the button is pressed, the view, template, questions at hand should not change. Nothing changes for the survey subject!)

My question is how to simply add this button without interfering with the survey.
I do not need detailed instructions with models, views, templates, etc. just brief idea if it is possible to do that without adding new view, reloading view, adding forms etc...

(If anyone is interested.. the button will be used to mark when (at which page) the user gets bored with questions, it is for the pilot testing of the survey. pilot users will press the button but then continue with the survey.)

Thanks in advance!



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