django - adding a button with parallel functionality

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Sun Dec 8 22:27:22 CET 2013

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 chip9munk at wrote:

> Hi all! I'll try to be clear and brief.
> I have created a django project some months ago. It is an online survey.
> Now I want to add a button that when pressed adds something to a database, 
> but does not change any existing functionalities. 
> Brief explanation:
> button will always be present at the pages with survey questions,
> when pressed it will simply add a page number (at which page user decided to 
> press the button) to a database, but the user will continue with the survey 
> as normal.
> (when the button is pressed, the view, template, questions at hand should not 
> change. Nothing changes for the survey subject!)
> My question is how to simply add this button without interfering with the 
> survey.
> I do not need detailed instructions with models, views, templates, etc. just 
> brief idea if it is possible to do that without adding new view, reloading 
> view, adding forms etc...

Offhand, it sounds like you need a button wired up to some javascript 
which fires off an asynchronous HTTP request.  But, since you haven't 
really described anything about the structure of your application, 
that's just a wild guess.

Almost certainly, the real answer has nothing to do with Python, however.

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