noobie needs help with ctypes

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My management requires that we stick with the version that comes with CentOs which is 2.6.   I know that it’s possible to have multiple versions co-resident with or without virtualenv, but policy is policy ☹

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On 12/9/2013 2:24 PM, Sells, Fred wrote:
I'm using python 2.6 on Linux/CentOs 6.x

I would use the latest 2.7 (or 3.3) for a new project if at all possible.

I seem to recall that Centos needs 2.6 as default python for its own purposes, so you need to install another version without messing with 2.6.  VirtualEnv might help.

I'm getting ctypes to work, but getting stuck on the use of  .argtypes.  Can someone point out what I'm doing.  This is my first use of ctypes and it looks like I'm getting different definitions in stackoverflow that may correspond to different version of python.

In particular, I am sure that there have been bugfixes for ctypes.

Terry Jan Reedy


Joel Goldstick
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