Movie (MPAA) ratings and Python?

Ben Finney ben+python at
Wed Dec 11 01:06:59 CET 2013

Dan Stromberg <drsalists at> writes:

> What part of "movie ratings (EG G, PG, PG-13)" don't you understand?

As stated, that example requirement is satisfied by a list of strings
‘["G", "PG", "PG-13"]’. If your example of “movie ratings” is a small
collection of short strings, then that's all I've got to go on before
needing to guess from a wide space of possible options.

I understand what MPAA movie ratings are, but that doesn't clarify what
*you* mean in terms of what data you want your program to access beyond
the strings “G”, “PG”, “PG-13” themselves.

Anyway, it appears others have accurately guessed your intent from
information beyond what you presented in your request. But you'll
probably agree that's not a very reliable way of getting effective

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